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I'm new to Zyxel and Nebula and I installed a XGS-1930-28HP and a GS1350-18HP today and the GS shows offline.  The GS is connected via an SFP module, link status leds are good, the GS show up in the client list and I can ping it from the XGS.  The GS actually shows up in the client list twice with two separate MACs one is named GS1350 while the other is just named the MAC.  The GS1350 entry show an IP of x.x.1.204 while the MAC named entry has no IP so it's like a phantom. If I goes to switches I see both switch which just means I added them based on the QR but the XGS is online but the GS is not and in the switch pane it shows no IP.  I'm thinking I should remove the GS from the site and then re-add it.  I'm not using vlans yet so I changed all ports to access mode.

Any ideas?  These seem like they'll be a decent system once I get over the learning curve and navigating the app and Nebula Control.

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    Hi @vining

    It is because the GS1350 series switches are for surveillance.
    The surveillance commonly local the switch in an isolated place, and the users do not want their switch sends any data to the cloud.
    That's why we disabled the NCC discovery by default.

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