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Hello everybody

I have a site to site Ipsec VPN connection between 2 Zywall 110
How can I activate ICMP trough this tunnel ?
I have the same Problem on many site 2 site with Zyxel Firewall.


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    Thanks for your answer
    No i have no special Policy rule that can block ICMP
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    Hello @Thierry2
    Is it only ICMP traffic that does not respond?
    Very common is that the destination does not respond to ping. Often Windows servers do filter the ping. Or the local routing table of the ping destination might have conflicting routing rules.
    Please observe Monitor -> VPN Monitor -> IPsec when pinging and see if the packet is entering the tunnel ("Inbound bytes" should be counting up). If the packet enters the tunnel, check if it leaves the tunnel on the other site ("Outbound bytes" should be counting up) and if the ping reply is hitting the LAN interface again. You can use packet captures to verify that.


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