Appliance VM or CLOUD and SD-WAN in ATP

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if you can implement firewalls in VM (VMWARE, PROXMOX VE, etc.) or in CLOUD.
It is possible to implement SD-WAN MPLS in ATP firewalls.

Thank you

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    Hi @Daniel_LU
    Can you explain further regarding to the idea you suggested to us? 
  • Daniel_LU
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    we have a hardware firewall with a firmware.
    No longer a hardware firewall but i having a virtual firewall in a hypervisor or cloud.
    I can configure all lan interfaces in virtual, i can create an HA.
    For example, i can install Windows Server 2016 or Debian in a hypervisor, i can create copies of the VMs.
    I want my firewall to have more memory RAM, STORAGE and CORE, I don't need to buy a new firewall but just increase the specifications of the VM. To manage the cost will be a license for VM plus sandboxing services etc.

    The customer chooses whether to purchase hardware with UTM licenses or VM license plus UTM. It always depends on the cases, the structure of a company etc.

    For SD-WAN i don't think we need explanations.With a single device i can implement other functions.

    I hope i explained myself.

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    is this a duplicate to this very old one from 2017?