XGS-2210-52HP AND SFP10G-SR (SFP10G-SR-ZZ0101F)

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me and the electrician we passed a 10G fiber cable between two sheds.

We connected everything... but when we have connected the transceivers to the switch the LEDs do not light up.

Do i have to set something for the transceivers?

I set the two switches with two DAC cables i had and everything works.

Instead with the transceivers no...

Where am i wrong?

The connection of the SFP10G-SR-ZZ0101F is LC

Thank you!


  • Zyxel小編 Lucious
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    Hi @Daniel_LU

    Given the fact that the DAC cable is working, I assume the port speed on both side of the link has been configured in "10G-Full" already. (You may double-check them)

    Is the remote transceiver also Zyxel SFP10G-SR-ZZ0101F?
    If so,
    Please use CLI command "show interface transceiver x" (x= port number) to show the DDMI info for us.
    You may check if the fiber cable connected correctly, and make some swap test if possible.
    How long is the fiber cable between two sheds?

    Looking forward to your feedback!
  • Daniel_LU
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    the fiber cable is 200m long....
    I bought a strap LC/LC to do a test and everything went .... so i understood that the problem was the connection....

    I have solved...

    The work of connecting the fiber to the optical drawer was bad. I called a company that certifies the fiber lines, now everything works.

    Thank you