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  • As a comparison, a TP-Link TL-PA717 has a maximum power consumption of 2.7W, see 2.7/240 = 11.25 mA.
  • Hello @User1516 and @mMontana The PLA6457 complies with ITU-T G.9963, and that ITU-T recommendation points to G.9964 for the power spectral density. Clause 6.5 of ITU-T recommendation G.9964 available at!Amd3/en says that the maximum transmit power on Baseband power line…
  • Thanks @Luca789 for your reply. It seems like something else is on your LAN, so that your Windows client is not directly using the NR7101... Can you please do a tracert or tracert on your Windows computer, so that we/I can see if your Windows client is getting to the Internet via the NR7101 on…
  • Hi @Luca789 The ping to from within the NR7101 shows that it can get to the Internet via your ISP, because is Google's public DNS server on the Internet. - so the issue should be LAN related or the NR7101 settings. So what do get if you try a ping and tracert from a client host on your LAN…
Hello @Miaa , It is not in the NR7101 datasheet or specification page at The datasheet v5 dated January 2022 says that the NR7101 has "6 High gain LTE/5G
directional antennas" but does not give the beam width in…
Hello, What model of Zyxel router have you got please? Kind regards, Tony
  • Hello all, I have now put this on the Consumer Ideas area of the forum at - I could not find it as a customer idea request before now back to 2020. Please give it a like…
  • Hello @BjornSch The user guide should help, but you need to register to download it from Kind regards, Tony
  • Hello Saapaa, If you want to set up incoming NAT to a DMZ, then the user guide available at has information in it that should help. Kind regards, Tony
  • Hello @jamesbondlq I think that you will need to ask NewEgg why it is still being sold. Zyxel declared it end of life in 2014, see Kind regards, Tony
  • Hello @n_o Here is a OpenWRT page, see Although it is described as not easy, there is a thread at that talks about the experiences of running OpenWRT on NR7101. - some users have got it working on Telekom in Germany, and some…
  • Hello, According to the Multy Mini User Guide available at there is a way in the Multy App to check the Diagnose the speeds of the Multy Site, including the speed between the Mini and Multy X. This might show you if the speed is…
  • Hello @n_o Here is an article that might also help, see This article might also help you in Germany,…
Hello @n_o I don't know of any CLI documentation, but there is a user guide at Kind regards, Tony
  • Hello @vanderloeb I cannot find the user guide for NR7102, but the one for the NR7101 might help you as they are similar devices, see I hope that this is useful to help you with the GUI. Kind regards, Tony
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