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I have a SSL VPN setup with the SecuExtender software. Works very nice. However it is limited to 8 networks to connect to. I have tried to merge them into a group object but it does not show in the selection box. Is there a way to have more than 8 networks routed through the SSL VPN connection?


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    I have changed the mask to be smaller and thus the range bigger. Not very ideal but it will work for now. 
    How would that be when using a USG as a concentrator with more than 8 attached firewalls?
    But hey, it's solved.


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    Please answer to following questions for better understanding;


    1 - What's the model name of the Zyxel device?

    2- What's the firmware version for Zyxel device?

    3 - Do you mean that you can't add more than 8 networks into Zyxel device's SSL VPN ? (Configuration > VPN > SSL VPN > Access Privilege )

    4 - How did you merge them into a group object?

    5 - Can you provide a screenshot that it shows 8 networks limitation?


    Best regards.
  • Hi,

    1 - Model is Zywall310.
    2 - Firmware is 4.62(AAAB.0).
    3 - When adding the 8th network into the address objects the message as in the picture pops up.
    4 - I have created the network subnets as address/subnet objects and then created an address group out of them.
    5 - Screenshot included below.

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    Hi @AHGJSoree,

    Currently SSL VPN can't add more than 8 networks into Network List.

    You may modify your subnets with smaller subnet masks.(Ex: /22 instead of /24).

    Then you can create address objects with the smaller subnet masks.

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