Zyxel Community Guidelines

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Welcome to the Zyxel Community!


We have dedicated this space to discussions and questions about Zyxel products and services. Everyone is welcome to share personal stories and ideas about their networking experience with Zyxel. In the interest of providing a happy and friendly discussion space, here are a few rules to follow.


Be kind and courteous

  • The community is the place to gather and create a welcoming environment. Please treat everyone with respect and kindness. Also, give a “like” or “accept answer” if a post helped you.


No advertising or spam

  • Advertising of other brand materials, spam, irrelevant links, or any other form of solicitation in posts are prohibited. When posting content, make sure your contributions are relevant to the specific discussion and topic. 



  • Do not post content or send private messages that are offensive, abusive, obscene, hateful, threatening, or of a political or religious nature. 


Respect everyone's privacy

  • Do not share or disclose personal information about others (e.g., location, address, phone number).
  • Do not post or link to files that could compromise or infect other community member’s networks. 
  • Be careful not to post information about your login credentials and/or passwords from networks in production environments.


General Posting/Behavior

  • Do not bump threads.
  • Do not derail topics.
  • Do not create sock accounts.
  • Do not become an armchair moderator (i.e., a general user acting as if they are a moderator).
  • Do not sell or attempt to sell anything within the community.
  • Trolling, personal attacks, or content that is political, religious, or controversial will not be tolerated.


Flag inappropriate content for review

  • Community members are encouraged to report improper content to moderators. If you recognize any violation of these guidelines, report it by clicking "Flag" and "Report" and let us know why you feel the content is inappropriate. Moderators will review the post, remove any improper content, and send a warning message to the original poster. 


If you have any questions about our guidelines, please comment below.