USG40W Wifi slow connexion

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We bought a USG40W Firewall.
When we use the ethernet cable, we have 81Mbps for downloading and 38 Mbps for uploading around.
When we use the Wifi connection on USG40W, we have  8Mbps for downloading and 3 Mbps for uploading around. 
The difference is too important, why? The antennas are installed. What can we do?

Can you help us?

Best regards

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    Hi @FPI,


    Please share some information with us for better understanding;


    1- What's the firmware version of USG40W?

    2- How did you make this speed test for Wi-Fi? How far you were with the USG40W when you were making this speed test?

    3- How many device were connecting when you were making this speed test?

    4- Did you make a speed test with a laptop that is connected to USG40W? If so, what's the result of that speed test?

    5- Can you please disable Monitor > System Status > Traffic statistics and Configuration > UTM Profiles, then make a speed test for that?

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