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Is it possible either with the normal settings or with a custom script to send an alert via email when the ATP goes offline and back online? Obviously once it loses power it couldn't send an email but maybe there is some way to link it with SecuReporter? Like as soon as it sees it go offline IT does something? I'm not so sure, i'm very new to this and maybe my solution ends up being something on the plug side with an additional physical device, just thought id give this a shot. Thank you for any feedback!!

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    Here is my solution tested in couple years ago.

    To use PRTG syslog sensor + system monitor syslog send from Zyxel firewall.

    The concept is,
    Leverage system monitor syslog of firewall, which send every 15 seconds, as a keep alive signal to
    PRTG server.
    On PRTG server can configure how long if not receive syslog as a device offline event and send mail.
    Also once get syslog again as a online event and send mail.

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