mDNS issues

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Device: NWA210AX
Firmware: V6.10(ABTD.8) / 2020-10-06 14:37:16
Object: Auth. Server
Error: mDNS
Mode: Stand-alone

Changed from a Unifi NanoHD to the NWA210AX, and now mDNS had stopped working. Help?

wlan-ssid-profile <REMOVED>
ssid <REMOVED>
security <REMOVED>
qos wmm
downlink-rate-limit 0 mbps
uplink-rate-limit 0 mbps
vlan-id 1
mon enable 00:00 24:00
tue enable 00:00 24:00
wed enable 00:00 24:00
thu enable 00:00 24:00
fri enable 00:00 24:00
sat enable 00:00 24:00
sun enable 00:00 24:00
dot11k-v activate

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    Not sure if Zyxel devices support mDNS, but needs more information based on your statement:

    1. What do you mean the "mDNS stopped working" ? Does it mean NWA210AX's didn't broadcast mDNS information, or other mDNS devices stop sending mDNS information after you deploying  NWA210AX in your network? (if so, wondering if it's wired or wireless device?)

    2. You mentioned the Object "Auth. Sever". But in my memory mDNS shouldn't engage in the wireless authentication process (they are two different functions), so what's the actual symptom? What's error message/condition did you face actually?
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    Hi @Human_USB


    Thank you for your post of concerning the issue.

    Since our AP doesn’t support mDNS function so far so you won’t see related information on profile.

    Could you tell us your topology and applications with mDNS and AP? What’s your expectation behavior that AP can do?

    We’d like to find ways or workaround to help you implement or have a discussion if we will provide the feature.