Mobile VPN (client-to-site) disconnect after 8 hr of operativitiy

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Users are reporting me that the mobile VPN disconnect after 8 hours of activity. 

It's an IPSEC VPN, I've searched for a timeout parameter that could cause this disconnection in the following areas: 
- into the gateway settings (phase1)
- into VPN Connection settings (phase2) 
- into object > users

Into object > users i've found the Lease Time and the Authentication time parameters which seems interesting, but the default value is 1440 minutes corresponding to 24h so does not match the 8 hr connection timeout people are reporting me. 

The clients use the native VPN Client of windows10 accessible from "Start > VPN Settings" or in the taskbar. It could be also the client to close connection but i've found no usefull  information online. 

Any Idea about this?
Thank you 

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    Hi @phphil

    Check the SA Lifetime parameter at VPN Connection and VPN Gateway profiles. Maybe the value is 28800 sec which is 8h


    Best regards
  • phphil
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    In my case it is set to 24h (86400) on both phase 1 and 2

    Must be something else, thank you anyway : ) 
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    Hi @phphil,

    Could you please share your IKE and IPSec logs with me by private message?


    Best regards.


  • phphil
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    according to this [SOLVED] Watchguard SSL and L2TP/IPSEC VPN always drop at set time - Spiceworks

    Windows native VPN client has a timeout every 7.6hr which trigger a rekey, this rekey fails.
    On the firewall, decreasing the SA Life of Phase 1 (Gateway settings) to a value < than 7.6hr will solve the issue since the rekey will be triggered before that the one triggered by Windows.

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