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I have just purchased this switch, I was so excited before the purchase, but now just little frustrated. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong....
I do have more than a basic networking knowledge and I hope the issue I'm facing is setting related.
So, I have few Cisco 7960 IP phones with SIP firmware. As of now the phones are powered up via pwr adapters.
I have plugged with this phone into this Zyxel switch, but the phone doesn't power up and as soon this phone is connected I'm experiencing network slow down.
I've done the following test:
to RJ45 crimped only pin number 1,2,3 and 6, to pins 4,5 and 7,8  connected the power from the pwr adapter.
The phone booted up, registered to the server and NO network slowdown experienced.
I would appreciet any help from you that can fix my issue, because the PoE option was the main reason I've purchesed agan Zyxel product.
Thank you for your time, Attila Feher

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    HI @Hun,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    First, i would like to explain our GS1500-24P is an end-span PSE, which means it use pin 1,2,3,6 to supply power and transfer data.
    Second, according to your description, after you plug your IP phone into Zyxel switch, you experienced network slow down. I would like to know how do you know your network slow down? Did you do any test? Please provide your test method, thanks.


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    Hello, just found your answer.....
    The network slow down, was actually full disconnection when using a crossover to Cisco 7960. What I found out, that on one end, I had to switch the brown and blue pair in RJ45. That maybe caused a short.
    The rest of the story is in my 2nd post in this community.
    I hope you'll be able to help me , because the main reason I was purchasing the switch was to power up my Cisco 7960 phones.
    Thank you for your time.....Attila.