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I have a problem when I want to configure the device, going to the point that I have to register the product does not go on the connection is present but keeps giving me the error: "Unable to connect to myZyxel. Try again later". the procedure because every time it automatically logs me out I tried to update the firmware from the myzxel portal but it tells me Your "Firmware 10.01 (ABFV.1) is updated" I can't even update manually because it doesn't allow me any access. itself from a computer connected to the device,
on the myzxyel portal everything is registered I don't know how to do it, in all the zxyel on which I came across there is the skip button on this no. I need a solution

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     Hi @AntonioRace,

    Can you please share some information with me;

    1- Do you want to configure that device as SD-WAN(cloud) mode or on Premise(standalone) mode?
    2- Can you please take a screenshot for the error messages and share?
    3- Can you please share the device's Serial Number with us by private message? We can have further check if this device is registered already or not.

    Best regards.

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