WAC6103D-I controlled by ZYWALL 310 randomly disconnects all clients?

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We have an installation with 8 AP WAC6103D-I controlled by Zywall 310. Randomly all clients connected to one AP loses connectivity to network. They are still connected to WiFi but they have no LAN/Internet connectivity. After a few seconds 15-20 sec it works fine again. It is not problem of a one AP. The same situation takes place on different AP's.
Firmware version for WAC6103D-I: V.5.00 (AAXH.5)
Firmware for Zywall 310: V 4.31 (AAAB.0)
Any idea? What to change, what to correct?
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    Hi @DevonBirch


    We suggest to upgrade the firmware version to latest of Zywall310(V4.62(AAAB.0)) and WAC6103D-I(V6.10(AAXH.8)) which includes new features, fix and enhance. Hope it can help resolve your problem. Thanks