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Newegg has the ZyXEL GS1900-24 on sale right now for $90 down from $200. I'm looking for a rack mount switch that can handle VLANs to add to my homelab right now, and was wondering if anyone has any experience with these switches? Is it a good buy or should I pass and get something like a used HP switch instead?

Thanks for your input!

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    I have GS1900-48's at work, and a GS1900-16, and GS1900-8HP at home,
    and so far, they have been solid performers.

    Granted, the GS1900 series doesn't offer a plethora
    of options, like you'd find on the Cisco SG200 series of switches,
    but is more than up-to-the task of handling multiple VLANS,
    Telephony OUI, and a variety of security and port-control features.

    Well worth the price !

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    I have several GS1900 in my network.  They are solid performers for the price.  Under $100 for a 24 port managed switch is a good deal.