BGP with gcloud vpc fails

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Hello everyone,

I want to establish a HA-VPN connection to a vpc in gcloud.
I was are able to connect via vpn to the vpc.
The problem is the routing. I configured BGP and gcloud is complaining waiting for peers.

On zywall site USG110:
- bgp is added to Default_Allow_WAN to Zywall Service group
- ipsec_vpn policies are set.
- vti is configured with gcloud BGP peer adress.
- BGP is configured with gcloud peer adress
- tunnel is established.
- static route to vpc is set.

I see outgoing advertisement on gcloud site, but nothing in the logs on zywall site.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

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    There no logs or tool om GUI to check BGP.
    You need to use CLI.

    Here my test from my ZyWALL110 to GCP VPN.

    First check is the BGP session Established or not ?

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    @Saedelare Did you found a solution?

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