SSL Inspection and Chrome

Briz Posts: 17  Freshman Member
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i have a USG310 with SSL Inspection,
to many user often browser chrome block navigation  to many sites, with error: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
it often happens with sites that have version TLS 1.2/1.3

i have applied block to port UDP 443 but not work

With Internete Explore navigation work fine for same sites.

Accepted Solution

  • Briz
    Briz Posts: 17  Freshman Member
    Accepted Answer
    After update to last firmware 4.62(AAPJ.0), the problem seems to be fixed

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  • Zyxel_Can
    Zyxel_Can Posts: 151  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @Briz,


    Can you please share some information with us;


    1 - Can you please tell me the website URL that users experiencing ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error message with Google Chrome browser?

    2 – Can you please provide screenshot for Google Chrome browser’s ERR_CONNECTION_RESET ?


    I would like to test that symptom here.


    Best regards.

  • Briz
    Briz Posts: 17  Freshman Member
    edited March 29
    Hi @Zyxel_Can,

    the example url is:
    www . bosettiegatti . eu

    Some time i have also different simil error
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