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hi all, i have a problem with ssl vpn connection between secuextender client and my usg 110 .. usg have 2 wan connection: wan1 with a slow adsl connection with public ip a.a.a.a, wan2 with a fast fiber fttc connection with public ip b.b.b.b; most services are natted onto wan2 (webaccess tcp 443 on an internal exchange server, lan1 and lan2 clients navigation etc).. wan1 is dedicated for remote connection on survey recorder.. i set usg management port on tcp 843.. if i try to connect my wan2 public ip for webaccess connection all works fine.. but when i try to connect ssl vpn with same wan2 public ip (and obiously :843 port) i can't connect .. if i try with wan1 public ip it works fine... hot to i have to do to use wan2 public ip to connect with my ssl client?? thanks to support


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    I modified the port to 843 and add the security policy(Wan->lan, Source: my IP address, allow)
    I can access device via SSL VPN(Enter public with port:843)

    As you mentioned, did you test wan1 public IP with port 843  successfully via SSL VPN?
    Please check rules if you disable the firewall and issue disappear.

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