USG60W drops wifi - needs restart

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My USG60W is unstable and drops wifi every 1-2 days, and needs a restart before clients (iPad's and laptops) can connect again - it runs 4.62(AAKZ.0).


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    Hi @MSc,

    Can you please share some information with us;

    1- How did you notice this symptom?
    2- Does it always happen in the specific time?
    3- Can you access using LAN interface to access to the internet?
    4- Can you see SSID that broadcasted from USG60W or you can't see the SSID at all?
    5- Does all of the clients have the same symtpom or just clients with the specific models?
    6- What is the loading of the USG60W? Can you please check CPU, Memory and Flash usage?
    7- When the issue occurs, can you please type the following command in with the console and paste the output to this topic?;

    Router# show cpu average

    Best regards.

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    I have also had issues with the wifi dropping out, but has been far less often, I think about once every 2 weeks or so.

    I can see the SSID on my devices but when i attempt to connect i get nowhere and then eventually a "cannot obtain IP" from my device. My PC that is wired in connects just fine. I usually have to go into the Zyxel interface and deactivate the radio then activate it to be able to connect again. I have also checked the session monitor and I only see my 1 device hard wired in. 

    I am running on 4.62 on USG20W.

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