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USG110 Firewall.
Can I run a dual WAN with WAN1 being the main internet connection and WAN2 being used for port forwarding from the outside?  
Also I would setup a failover feature in case WAN1 is down but most interested in the port forwarding on WAN2.

WAN1 would be LTE internet from T Mobile.  They use a carrier grade nat so no access from the outside on the T Mobile system.  
WAN2 would be a PTP connection being served by a fiber modem on a neighboring Island.  Fiber modem has static IP address and allows for port forwarding.  

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  • Nobody here knows if I can use WAN1 for everyday internet while at the same time use WAN2 to port forward into various devices on the network?
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    Should be possible just I don't have that setup.

    Is the  LTE internet from T Mobile by USB?

    as for WAN2 I guess you setup a PPP for a PTPP connection that you can NAT incoming connections. 
  • The LTE from T Mobile uses one of their modems that has a network jack output.  That jack is connected to P1 on the USG.

    The WAN2 is point to point what I was referring to as PTP.  The radio has cat5 out that is connected to P2 on the USG.  
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    So PTP you need to enter user name and password by pptp, pppoe or l2tp
  • For the PTP i have a fiber modem located on San Juan Island.  That fiber modem sends internet to an Araknis 310 router.  Out of the LAN on the Araknis the cat5 goes to a Cambium Force 300-25 radio and antenna.  The Cambium sends the signal wirelessly 1.25 miles to Henry Island.  

    On Henry Island we have another Cambium Force 300-25 and the cat5 goes from this radio into P2 on the USG110.  

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    Hi @ModHomeTech,


    For that first please create 2 interface IP address object for LTE and PPPoE interfaces;

    Then create new trunk interface, set LTE interface as active, PPPoE as passive;

    Then please create a NAT from PPPoE interface;

    Best regards.

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