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I have a problem with sandboxing that is not analyzing any file, in the log all the files appear like this:

Query File name: XXXXXXXX.pdf"; size=xxxxxx, md5: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, file id: xxxxxx, protocol: POP3, txid: xxxxx
rpcd error: network(curl) error!, file name: gPTF_VU7 md5: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx request_id: N/A error_no: 6



  • Zyxel_Can
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    Hi @SergionCTRL,

     I tested Sandboxing function, it works as expected;

    Can you please share some information with us;


    1-    What’s the device model name and firmware version?

    2-    Did you create SSL Inspection profile and assign that with Policy Control?

    3-    Can you provide screenshot for Sandboxing logs under Monitor > Logs menu?

    4-    Can you please enable Collect Statistics for Sandboxing under Monitor > Security Statistics > Sandboxing > General Settings menu and observe if it’s collecting statistics for files?




    Best regards.

  • SergionCTRL
    hi zyxel_can,

    tonight I have restarted the firewall and it already rescan successfully sandboxing


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