Specify DNS for tunnel with IPsec VPN client

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Is it possible to specify DNS and / or domain names for VPN tunnel IPsec client?
same option as in Fortigate?

Thanks for the help :-)

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    Hi @Nicolas_F,

    Can you please share a piece of information with us;


    1- What’s the model name of the device and what’s the firmware version?


    For IPSec VPN, we can assign DNS Server for IPSec clients.

    For that please find the following menu for specifying DNS Server for IPSec clients;


    Configuration > VPN > IPSec VPN > VPN Connection


    VPN Gateway set as Remote Access (Server Role).

    Click on Show Advanced Settings and choose VPN Gateway.


    For IKEv1 gateways, this option can be found under Mode Config menu.

    For IKEv2 gateways, this option can be found under Configuration Payload.

    Best regards.

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