Switch XGS2210 Series - V4.70 Patch 0 Firmware Release

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Zyxel Switch XGS2210 Series
Release Note
January, 2021

Firmware Version on all models

(Click Hyper link to download the firmware directly)

Zyxel XGS2210-28       - V4.70(AAZJ.0)

Zyxel XGS2210-52          - V4.70(AAZL.0)

Zyxel XGS2210-28HP     - V4.70(AAZK.0)

Zyxel XGS2210-52HP     - V4.70(AAZM.0)

New Feature and Enhancements

  1. Support auto select IP interface for auto PD recovery ping mode.
  2. Support guest VLAN on MAC based authentication.
  3. Enhance IGMP snooping report proxy mechanism to support leave proxy.
  4. Add IGMP report proxy to Web GUI. 
  5. Support IGMP snooping querier version selection.
  6. Support IGMP snooping smart forward. 
  7. Support Networked AV mode. 
  8. Support DHCP server guard. 
  9. Support vendor ID based VLAN. 
  10. Support load sharing for Non-unicast traffic in Link Aggregation Trunk port.
  11. Enlarge LACP group number up to 48.
  12. Support compound authentication for better network security.
  13. Enhance copy-paste configuration via CLI/telnet/SSH.
  14. VLAN list supports for VLAN status on Web GUI.
  15. Support ARP inspection and DHCP snooping VLAN list on Web GUI.
  16. Port-list for LLDP-MED network policy WEB.
  17. Support 802.1X EAPoL flooding. 
  18. Interfaces features support trunk. 
  19. Support to show serial number/hardware version/registered MAC address on GUI/CLI/MIB.
  20. Support to import HTTPS certificate on WebGUI.
  21. Enhance port name and location to support special characters.
  22. Support WOL relay. 
  23. Add force 802.3at option in power up mode.
  24. Support ACL to block all packets with src.mac=00:00:00:00:00:00 on all ports with the rules.
  25. Support auto-refresh port status. 
  26. Add established speed /duplex information into port link up status for “show logging” event.
  27. Extend default logout time to 5 minutes for Web GUI.
  28. Service access control login timeout for Telnet/SSH - Support independent SSH session permission: when an SSH session is blocked, another session should be authorized. SSH time-out interval should be user configurable.
  29. Add System log message when Switch has IP conflict.
  30. Unknown multicast now can forward to querier port.
  31. Gray-out LLDP/Neighbor Entry information upon time-out, instead of removing it from the list.
  32. Add a log when Switch executes cable diagnostic and cause the port link down.
  33. Support 30-minutes configurable time zone.
  34. Support "Select all" to select all configuration to clone the port setting easily.
  35. Enhance switch neighbor detail page.
  36. Add current boot configuration information along with the "Reboot System".
  37. Add back to Status page while click detail/Neighbor.
  38. Support IPv6 address for service access control.
  39. Support to drop unknown multicast traffic per VLAN.
  40. Support IPv6 in show multi-login. 
  41. When switch is within factory default configuration state, it will use default IP address of as an interim IP if switch fails to obtain IP from DHCP server. The switch will also continue to request for IP form DHCP server in the background. Once switch requests DHCP IP successfully, a log to track change of IP will be recorded and default IP interface will be removed.
  42. Switch will response to ZON utility inquiry base on the VLAN where ZON utility is located.
  43. Add IP table collision log.
  44. Support RFC 5424 for system log time stamp.
  45. Relocate DNS setting to IP setup page for ease of use.
  46. Add log of upgraded firmware version. 
  47. Add forum link into web GUI. 
  48. Support IPv6 address in switch neighbor page.
  49. Add attribute NAS-IP-Address and allow user to configure.
  50. Support DHCP snooping to bypass selected VLAN.
  51. “enable“ command can only be activated when its default password is changed.
  52. Support ZON utility for IPv6 address display.
  53. Add "show ipv6 neighbor" by page in the CLI.
  54. Enlarge port name description string size from 64 to 128.
  55. Support “show ipv6 ns tracking” to record IPv6 client information.
  56. Support LLDP packet for L2PT.
  57. Support IPSG security loose mode. 
  58. Asymmetric flow control. 
  59. Stacking synchronize certificate.
  60. Support LAG on stacking port.
  61. Support VLAN isolation.

Please refer to the Download Link for more details.