How can I view the log in info (if any) of a recently deleted vpn ssl user?

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My customer's firewal is a usg60. Recently (2 days ago) I was asked to delete a vpn ssl user. Today they asked me to find out the activity of the deleted user. When was the last time they connected through secuextender, what was the duration of the connection etc.
Could you please help me find out all these details?
Thank you in advance!

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    Hi @Almanetworks,


    Did you check Monitor > Logs menu?


    For that you can check the Monitor > Log >  View Log menu. Please choose SSL VPN as category.

    In this case, I used to connect with user1, then I deleted user1 from Users.

    But we can still see the logs for deleted users.

    If the log was already cleared, you will need a sys log server or USB flash disk to save the logs.


    Best regards.

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