USG60 can't join 2019 ad-domain

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My problem is I still can't join an USG60 to Windows AD 2019 domain, tried with fw 4.35 and 4.62.
If this is possible, I can't figure out how.
I have another case where both ZyWALL 310 (fw 4.39) and USG40W (fw 4.39) are joined to 2016 domain.
Every setting is done the same way, but no luck.

In question answered on june 29 2020 (
"Currently USG can support for Windows 2012R2 AD Server. Windows 2016/2019 still in verifying, and will support at future release this year."

If this is still the case, it's next year at the moment.

 - Esu

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    Hi @ Laatumikro,


    Unfortunately USG60 can’t join to Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019’s AD.


    Currently on ATP and USG FLEX series can join Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019’s AD. 

    Please consider to replace your device with USG FLEX/ATP device.


    Best regards.

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