Primevideo statistics in USG40 (V4.62)

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Seems to be so that in my USG40 with firmware V4.62, statistics is not counted to UTM Statistics -> AppsPatrol page. Does not increase TCP, UDP, SSL, Amazon traffic, not anything. Strange ?


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    Hi @kelmi,


    I tested this in our labs, it works as expected.


    Can you please try as following;

    1-    Configuration > Object > Application > Add (Create New Application Object)

    2- Configuration > UTM Profile > Add (Create App Patrol Profile)

    3- Configuration > Security Policy > Policy Control (Assign App Patrol profile to a policy rule)

    1-    Monitor > UTM Statistics > App Patrol > Summary (Test App patrol)


    Please make sure that Collect Statistics checkbox is checked.

    Best regards.

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