Enabled Wifi dramatically reduces bandwidth on USG60W

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We switched from USG40W to USG60W for fully use the bandwidth provided by our network provider.
Now, devices with wired connections reach download speeds with an average of 420 Mbps, which was the goal of changing the hardware.

But here is the problem:
As soon as we enable WLAN on the USG60W, the speed of devices with wired connections drops to an average of about 160 Mbps.
Disabling WLAN, brings us back to the original speed.

After noticing the issue, we mover the USG60W form production into a test environment for further testing. Only one device is connected to the USG60W and we test against a dedicated server in-house.
Unfortunately, the results are the same. No matter if we setup a 2.4 MHz or a 5MHz WLAN or both, as soon as it is enabled, the average bandwidth drops to a not acceptable low level.

Did anyone experienced a similar issue or has an idea about what could cause it?

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    Unfortunately, no response on my private message yet.
    Therefore, I withdraw "Accepted Answer".
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    I replied your mail, so please check it.
    With your steps of configuration,  if I enable Wlan, the speed is 245.43Mbps. If I disable the Wlan, the speed is 258.72Mbps.
    If possible, can you share your configuration file to me because I would like to test again with your configuration file.
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    Please do check the video here on Zyxel, how to configure WLAN. It is not that easy to do the configuration, plenty of steps to go though to set it up proper. I know I hade issues with that but with the video help guide I was able to understand the process.

    Once you have checked everything is as it should be, there should be almost no throughput issues. What I do know with Zyxel is if you use extra functions, like antivirus etc. That will have a impact on the performance but as a basic firewall with Ethernet and built in WiFi you should get almost maximum throughput the device is capable of.

    Thanks for posting your maximum speed, sounds about right 430Mbit and if I remember the USG 40W is about half of that speed. Limitations is because of the CPU, it is a dual core, Cavium CN6020 but the USG 40W only has a single core Cavium CN6010

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    I just purchased a usg60w.
    Downgraded from a SonicWall TZ, I needed to return to owner.

    My ISP plan is 1 gbps (burstable).

    Sonicwall had no issues performing to the max UTM throughput, with all security suite modules enabled.

    Xyzel USG60W max throughput is 25 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up, with UTM options fully enabled (wired or wifi).

    Plug fiber cat5 (media converted) straight into laptop, assign static IP info, run beta.speedtest.net and I get 930 Mbps down and 950 Mbps up. 

    What is wrong with this thing? New out of the box, little configuration done to it.

    Thanks for any help, 

  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @haroldj3

    When all UTM functions are enabled, the device will check on every packet content. This will lead to CPU overhead and affect the performance.

    I can help to check your configuration if you accept. You can send configuration to me by private message 

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