MES3500-24F DHCP Snooping

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DHCP snooping appears to not be working in

In global config I have:
dhcp snooping 
dhcp snooping vlan 19,33,89,103 
And on my upstream interface I have:
dhcp snooping trust 

The behavior is that clients on untrusted ports DHCP requests on the listed VLANs do not egress the upstream port, thus no IP traffic.
It always appears to work in the lab, of course, and does seem to work randomly but not consistently in the field.  If I'm not seeing a client's requests hit the DHCP server, that's the first thing that I disable and sure enough the client works within a minute or two.
Does anybody have any thoughts on this one?


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    Hi @KCIDave,

    Welcome to Zyxel community.

    I will PM you later for further detail information about this case.