USG 60 File Blocking in Firefox doesnt work

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i want to block some files to be downloaded. I activated the anti-virus utm profile and added the files to the blacklist.

In the edge and chrome browser it works perfektly. (Screenshot 1)

In Firefox there ist a "Web access is restricted. Please contact the administrator." notification. (Screenshot 2) But if u hit the continue button and refresh the site, the download works.

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    Maybe because Firefox has DNS over HTTPS enabled?

    Block IP's for HTTPS to stop DNS over HTTPS and Firefox fall back the DNS over UDP
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    DNS over HTTPS ist deactivated in Firefox. Nevertheless i blocked the ips. The problem still exists.

    Ist there a way to disable the continue button? Even if i try to download a eicar test virus i can download it with the continue button. I dont want to give this possibility to the users.
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    Hi @KITNIT,

    The second screenshot you shared is Content Filter's Warn action page.

    In Content Filter menu, can you try to set Action for Unrated Web Pages as Block for your Profile?
    (Configuration >  UTM Profile > Content Filter > Profile > Category Service)

    Best regards.

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