Does anyone has the procedure how to connect a Mikrotik with 2 VLANS (dhcp service) with GS1900?

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Hi , im trying to configure a mikrotik router with a zyxel switch. I created two Vlans and assigned a dhcp server to them but I cannot get the vlans to work on the switch, Does anyone has the procedure how to do it? especially on the mikrotik side.

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  • Nebula_Melen
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    Hi @Drew74,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    I would like to make sure that have you create same VLAN on your both device?
    If yes, please remember to set VLAN port. (Go to Configuration > VLAN > VLAN > VLAN Port)
    I assume you use port 1 to connect router, so the port 1 membership should be tagged out.
    Below is the example. 

    And the port should remain default.(Configuration > VLAN > VLAN > Port

    If there still have issue, please supply the scenario and topology so we can analyze the symptom. 
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