unclosed connections between sites

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site a - usg 1100 v4.62
site b - zywall 110 v4.62
site b goes to internet via site a. i configured session limit to 1000.
device from site b goes to internet.
i get alarm about session limit from site a for this device.
via cli show conn gets around 300 sessions on site b, and more than 1000 sessions on site a in the same time.
tcp conntions timeout the same on both site.
why does this happen?


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    Hi @alexey,


    Amount of sessions may depends on the site’s environment.


    Can you share some information with us;

    1-    Can you try to increase session limit for both sites?

    2-    Can you check Monitor > System Status > Session Monitor output for all sessions if that’s unexpected or not?


     3-    If that doesn’t solve your problem, can you give me remote access for Site A’s gateway with temporarily administrator account both for Web GUI and SSH?


    Best regards.

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