Zyxel community platform. Really... not snappy

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I know that i'm OT, but there's no "space" for talking about the platform, or the issues/hints/comments about that. Please, don't consider this post misplaced only for being in the wrong place, if possible. Seems not present (didn't i look deep enough? maybe...) the right place currently.

Older incarnation of the community (called business forum) worked quite into the same way, now there's a new, sleeker skin but...
  • I cannot follow a notification on a menton or a reply. keeps telling me "Permission problem" when accessing the comment. (i use CTRL+click aka new tab)
  • editing/posting page is a huge waste of pixels, because on current 16:9 or even 32:9 monitors are wasting all the sides of the edit box. Whic is centered, but cannot allow me anything (maybe a side panel for accessing info or tool would be more useful?
  • Loading pages is... slow. Ok, my computers are not that new, but a lot of community platforms are quite snappier. And slowness of loading seem transversal between 3G connection and VDSL (400kbps-45mbps)
  • Editing/creating post is saving more often than a maniac! I appreciate a lot the improvement of the saving (leads to less wait time than Business Forum) but guys... can the user at least tweak the time. IDK... maxing to 10minutes? (edit/write posts is improved a lot on reactivity on button and keyboard shortcuts!)
No harsh feeling, only trying to suggest improvements...
Have a nice days guys.

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    Thanks for your feedback!

    We create a new category "Community Feedback". All Community members are able to share their experience or suggestion here. You also can click here to find this category.

    About your questions:

    • You receive a notification and want to reply it but it shows you don't have permission to access, right? Please share us the link which you met this problem.
    • We want to make it clear and simple, maybe we can create a new post to discuss what information you want to put in "Ask a Question" page.
    • The new community style has more images and it may require some time to load, once your browser record by cookie, I think it should be faster. Or did you feel slowly now?
    • To avoid robot account to edit posting with abnormal URL, we lock user to edit post within one hour. But we already change setting, new member can edit comment/posting within one day, other high rank users will be able to edit within one week.

    Zyxel Community Teams

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