USG310 double SSO Agent very slow or not working

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Hello to the Forum

I have one USG310 integrated in Active Directory environment with 2 domain controllers Win2012 and Win2016.
Web authentication has always worked seamlessly since USG300 and then continued with no problems when moved to USG310.
I have now installed SSO Agent 2.0.0 on both my DCs and configured the USG310 accordingly. I have opened port 2158 on both DCs.
Agents correctly list logged users but login users list in USG310 monitor page is not updated or is updated very slowly. At this very moment the SSO seem not working, even if it worked for a while right after SSO Agents installation. Now when users try to access internet they are prompted with login page and have to perform access in the old way.

USG310 FW 4.62
SSO 2.0.0 installed on both Win2012 and Win2016
Here are my configurations:

Here is the Agent log:

The user in this log is actually displayed in the Monitor Login Users list with http/https method ( and not SSO.

Thanks for reading

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