Why can't I confirm combined ports LAG speeds on XG1250-12 switch?

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I'm trying to connect on LAG from my 1250 to a older netgear GS116e v2 managed 1Gigabit switch which has static LAG link aggregation only, like this:

Asus RT-AX58U Router--------------Netgear GS116Ev2========Zyxel XG1250-12
 However when I attach the 1250 having created LAG Group 2  via 2 cat 6 patch cables, BEFORE connecting the cables to be on the safe side, "System, Per Port Status reads only LAG2 1Gbps not 2Gbps as I would expect!
Also Groups to clients NAS & PC in group 3, [2 x  1Gbe] & group 4 [2 x 2.5Gbe] LAG's show the same Status report, only the speed of 1 port  and not the combined LAG speeds of the two ports combined.

Is this the Web and hardware LED's limitation of not having a option for 2Gbps & 5Gbps speeds or is a limitation of the Zyxel 1250-12 switch use of LAG static aggregation?
If for instance I upgraded to the 1930-10 class switch's with their LACP, bearing in mind I would still b using the Netgear GS116ev2 in the topology, would the Web management browser page or windows sw app and/or hw LED's show the right speeds of 2Gbps & 5Gbps?

Even though I'm sure the NAS & PC are correctly LAG linked as the PC has increased its status speeds in windows properties from 2Gbps to 5Gbps now that the Zyxel web gui reporting differently how or do I need to check with some 3rd party sw?

Finally if I upgrade from the non LACP/LAG Asus RT-AX58U to a  LACP/LAG version will the 1250 accept a  LACP/LAG link giving me 2Gbps from it like?:

Asus RT-AX88U LACP Router=======Netgear GS116Ev2========Zyxel XG1250-12

Sorry for long question but I need to make a decision on the switch as to whether I need the 1930-10 class unit for LACP on switch and router LAG bandwidth please.

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    Hi @optical10,

    When you create a LAG with 2 ports and connect those 2 ports to another device which supports LAG, you've got the bandwidth doubled. 
    The link status on web page doesn't add up the bandwidth but display the link speed of LAG members(each LAG members is the same). That's why you always see 1G, 2.5G.
    We are planning to have a change on the web page. It will be much clearer for you to check the link status.
    XGS1250 doesn't support LACP protocol but only static LAG. 
  • optical10
    Hi @Zyxel_Albert,

    Thanks for the reply, that puts my mind at rest . Good news on the web page change , look forward to it. 1250 static LAG fits into the rest of the topology nicely so I'm good.