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Hello everyone,
I'm looking for all the Zyxell Firewall products, that support the Trunk Load Balance between two ADSL connection provided by two different routers; the routers are connectable by RJ45 cables.
Any suggestion on which Firewall i should choose?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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    You can consider USG FLEX 200 or ATP200.


    Specs of USG FLEX series:



    Specs of ATP series:



    For Zyxel devices, load balancing settings can be found under Configuration > Interface > Trunk > Default WAN Trunk menu.


    A Trunk interface supports 3 types of Load Balancing Algorithms;


    1-    Weighted Round Robin is for balancing traffic load between interfaces based on their respective weights. An interface with larger weight transmits more traffic than an interface with smaller weight.

    2-    Least Load First algorithm used for sending session traffics through the least utilized trunk member.

    3-    Spillover algorithm used for sending network traffics through to first member of the trunk until there’s enough traffic the second interface needs to be used.


    May I ask what type of Trunk interface you need?

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