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Hello. I know it is an old device, but still works and I plan to build a small network with it. Where can I find the last firmware upgrade available for the switch model MES-3528?

Here is the output of the "MES-3528# show system-information"

Product Model           : MES-3528
System Name             : MES-3528
System Contact          :
System Location         :
System up Time          :     0:02:28 (3ab7 ticks)
Ethernet Address        : cc:5d:4e:3c:XX:XX
Bootbase Version        : V1.05 | 02/19/2009
ZyNOS F/W Version       : V3.90(BHR.5)20130312 | 03/12/2013
RomRasSize              : 2404122

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  • Thank you for your fast response. Do you recommend upgrade with both files, BHR.4 and then BHR.5?
    Or should I upgrade only with the last one (BHR.5) ? Thanks again
  • PeterUK
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    I would think the BHR.5
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