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i manage an USG210 router, i have enabled the firmware auto update and auto reboot on a weekly schedule.

the standby firmware seems to be updated correct, but the router does not reboot to the standby (it does not seem to reboot at all)

i cant seem to find any clue to why in the logs.

also if i enable the scheduled reboot instead, will the router reboot to default or standby? im guessing default.

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    Hi @MBN

    Automatic firmware updates and scheduled device reboots are mutually exclusive options. If firmware update is enabled, scheduled preloading will not work and vice versa. When rebooting on schedule, the device is loaded with the firmware that is currently active.
  • MBN
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    HI Jonatan,

    Thank you for clarifying the scheduled reboot behavior, thats very good to know :)
    I am aware that auto update and scheduled reboots are mutually exclusive.

    I am just trying to automate firmware updates at off-office hours, so any idear on how i can get the USG to reboot into the standby or what logs i have to go through to see why it did not reboot as configured.

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