ATP100 reports Virus=Wildcore.Virus, but what computer is attempting to download it?

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Hi all,
I'm getting a warning that there is a virus that is trying to be downloaded.  I'm trying to track down which device is downloading this and figure out what site it's coming from. 

Virus infected SSI=N Type=Anti-Malware Signature Virus=Wildcore.Virus.2a2412ce File=ctc.dll.5cfd2f017e68a3082c11a1a15a8282bb.gzip Protocol=HTTP

All the above tells me is something got blocked.  I'd like to know what it is so I can track down if it's a false positive.

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    Hi @ChipConnJohn,


    Can you share some information with us;

    1-    What’s your ATP100’s firmware version?

    2-    Can you share your Monitor > Log's screenshot with me by private message so I can check for you?

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