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I have verizon as my ISP and they provided a router that provides DHCP. What is a recommendation to switch the DHCP server from the router to zyxel XGS2210 switch? Is this even possible.  I have the switch connect on a static IP on the existing router?  Do I need to call zyxel support to get some help?  Let me know. Thank you.

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    If your switch static IP has the same subnet as your router's DCHP pool, then should be fine.
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    Hi @new_switch,

    XGS2210 doesn't support DHCP server. If you are looking for a switch that can be a DHCP server, please consider XGS4600. If you just need to dynamically assign IP to different VLANs you can use DHCP relay with XGS2210.

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