Zyxel/HP GS19xx series switches - requesting advice

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Hey everyone,

I'm about to upgrade my network with my first "advanced" switch. After considering my requirements, I decided one of said 19xx series switch would fit me, however I fail to see the differences between GS1900 to GS1920 devices - all of them are basic, 24GBE port manageable switches if I'm right, with sort of the same switching throughput support. Could you help me out to point out serious differences which would explain the price difference between the bottom and the top line? Thanks for your time!

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  • PeterUK
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    The main thing the GS1920 can do is policy rules for given traffic of a classifier to control traffic rate limit, QoS, drop and so on.   
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    My experience is the same with @PeterUK , the GS1920 support ACL feature but 1900 doesn't have such features.

    @JackLeach if you don't need to use classifier to control traffic, I think GS1900 is enough for you.