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Hi All, I am trying to understand ZyMesh a little better and I am looking for some help. I have 5 APs in my environment and a NXC2500 controller. They are all connected to my LAN via Ethernet, all using same SSID and security profile. Recently, I have been having some issues with devices connecting to I have been researching my config to see ways to improve. I have been researching the ZyMesh capabilities, and I see that it is good to use when you have APs that are wireless, so they don't need a direct LAN connection. My question is, if my APs are all physically connected to the LAN, is there any benefit to using ZyMesh? I am wondering if my issues have something to do with users not switching APs as they move around the building. I am wondering if ZyMesh would be better for roaming. (Side note - one other issue I have dealt with is my users connecting at a tremendously low rate - <10mbps and having to toggle the Wi-Fi off and then back on again to connect at an acceptable rate.) Thanks.


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    Hi @lsmith ,

    ZyMesh will be used for the environment which is difficult for cabling, and build Wi-Fi service when temporary is required.
    According to your description, the APs connect to the controller via cable and seems work fine so far.
    We thought it will not be better if changing the topology as ZyMesh. 

    About the low rate question, here is our handbook. You can refer to chapter 3. “Optimize the Wireless Environment”. 
    If it still cannot resolve the problem, we need your help to provide some information for us to realize the detail.
    1. how many clients in this environment?
    2. Which channel do you use for 2.4G and 5G?
    3. please provide your deployment as detail as possible
    4. if possible, could you share with us about your AP profile configuration?