USG Flex and DNS Content Filter not showing in SecuReporter

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Hi, is anybody using the DNS Content Filter on a USG Flex with the lates Firmware 5.x and has also the SecuReporter active?
Since the activation of DNS Content Filter there is nearly no more Blocked Website reported in the SecuReporter, but in the local Log of the USG Flex I see many Websites blocked by the DNS Content Filter.
Shouldn't the DNS Content Filter blocked Websites also show up in the SecuReporter, as when the websites got blocked by the Web Content Filter in the past?
Is it just me, who has this issue?


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    Hi @Motivio,

    Thank you for your feedback and verifying.

    Please kindly wait for official announcement.

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  • Motivio
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    Got an Update from the Support:
    They told me, that an update is planned for July/August, which will then support FLEX, too.
    Today, only ATP is full supported in the SecuReporter regarding DNS Content filter.

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