Disable Netbios over TCP/IP with DHCP option 43

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I am trying to disable Netbios over TCP/IP for my Windows clients through DHCP option 43.

According to numerous articles found on the web, this is made possible by sending the following data through DHCP option 43:

Vendor specific option code: 0x01

Vendor specific option length: 0x04

Vendor specific option data: The data 0x00000002 instructs the client to disable NBT, lenght in indeed 4 bytes 00 00 00 02

So the complete Hex sequence shall be 01:04:00:00:00:02.

After numerous attempts i finally found the correct format to input on my USG110 (FW 4.30).

Also make sure that the follwing setting is configured onto Windows TCP/IP config:

Since i was formerly asking a question to the forum, i changed the question onto an answer and found usefull to publish this info for those who are interested.