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i'm looking for a tutorial for setting up a private vlan.
my GSX2210 equipment, and VPN100

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  • Nebula_Jonas
    Nebula_Jonas Posts: 197  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @CCVO,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!
    Regarding the scenario, I assume that your goal is to avoid the 4 PCs to communicate to each other, and could communicate with VPN100 and 3x servers only, if this is the case, you may configure port isolation to achieve the goal.

    1. Advance application > VLAN > VLAN configuration > VLAN port setup
    2. Check the "Isolation" box where the PCs are connected, and click "Apply" button.

    Note: Remember to click "Save" after changing configuration

    Hope it helps.
  • CCVO
    CCVO Posts: 2
    thank you
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