Zyxel AP / Can't connect Amazon ALEXA / error has deauth by STA Logout on Channel

Current version: V6.20(ABTG.0)

always got this error when trying to connect my echo amazon alexa echo: 
Wireless LAN
Station: 94:3a:91:bc:6d:2a has deauth by STA Logout on Channel: 48, SSID: sspin452bis, 5GHz, Signal: -42dBm, Download/Upload: 39545/222104 Bytes. reason 3, Interface:wlan-2-2

configuration on my SSID :
Band mode
   Concurrent operation(2.4GHz and 5GHz)
Layer 2 isolation OFF
Enable layer 2 isolation OFF
Intra-BSS traffic blocking OFF
Band select OFF
Assisted roaming OFF
802.11r OFF

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  • Nebula_Freda
    Nebula_Freda Posts: 368  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @ThierryGolo,
    Was the station disconnected from the AP after connected for a while? When the issue occurred, is there any problem for other stations, like mobile phone?
    Would you share the org/site name to us and help to enable Zyxel support in HELP> Support request for us to check details of the logs.
  • ThierryGolo
    ThierryGolo Posts: 2
    Hello, Station never connected before, it's a new material. Other stations connect very well, including my raspberry pi 3 ;-)
    organisation is A1516consul
    site is 2bisRueduCG

  • Nebula_Freda
    Nebula_Freda Posts: 368  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @ThierryGolo,
    Thanks for your information. We have collected the debug message for analyzing and will update to you asap. BTW, I checked the AP status and there's an alert for the AP's IP. After checking, the IP is set to DHCP with VLAN 1 tagged, so if the VLAN1 in your environment is untagged, please correct the configuration.
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