So with an USG40, what additional products should I choose for my SOHO?

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I am rather disappointed with my current brand so after getting a USG40 and using it for a little while I am considering replacing:

- 1 Router, 4-6 ports, no Wifi, PoE, mounted in rack
- ! Switch, currently 24 ports, in rack
- 1 AP

Possibly replacing the 24 port Switch for a 48 port, and considering getting another
16 port Switch for a sub location, still on the same Lan.

Not interested in the typical "home wifi routers".

This is for a Home/Office network with fiber WAN at max 1GB ISP transfer. Approximately 50 devices, including a few development/storage servers, both physical and virtual.

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    Why a router? USG40 with tagging vLANs might allow you non-contemporary 5 zones (Wan1, Wan2, Lan1, Lan2, DMZ) and several more network segments.
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    I rather leave the FW to handle traffic and a dedicated Router to handle topology. A potential DMZ will comprise one physical server (a host with guests) and besides that I will only use one Lan zone. Don't currently see the need for any vlans or anything down that road.

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    IMVHO USG40 could do "both" for a lot of scenarios.
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    Well I am asking about what else to get for the network based on Zyxel product range and that FW I already have.

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    Hi @SecCon
    Not sure what kind of features in detail will be implemented in your network. Base on the scale and basic applications you mentioned, you may consider the USG FLEX series (FLEX100/FLEX200).
    Here it is the datasheet for your reference: FLEX 100_3.pdf

    Or you can contact with our local representative so that we're able to help further
    Here it is the contact information
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    Hi @SecCon,


    May I ask why do you want to put one router in your network?


    Also, you want new router to support PoE. What is the purpose you want PoE function for?
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    Hello @Zyxel_Can
    I am concerned about performance if I merge all the routing and the firewalling to one device. I could perhaps look to upgrade the USG40 to cope with that.

    The need for PoE is not critical, but I have an AP running on PoE today. Can be solved in another way.

    Have reached out to your sales, awaiting a reply.

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