Help function on USG60 not working after firmware upgrade

devau2 Posts: 2
Just upgraded my USG60 to firmware 4.62(AAKY.0). Now the built-in help function doesn't work anymore. Click on help buttons give the error "We can’t connect to the server at webhelp.zyxel.comundefined&hash=context.".
Browser cache has been cleared. any ideas?

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  • PeterUK
    PeterUK Posts: 911  Guru Member
    So it is.

    Theirs always the User's Guide
    Download Library | ZyXEL
  • devau2
    devau2 Posts: 2
    Hello PeterUK

    This was not so helpful. I know about the User Guides. But the Web-Helps lead directly to the correct position in the manual. So this *has to* work, because it is a feature!
  • soul
    soul Posts: 22  Freshman Member
    set google dns for your interface
    flush dns and try again
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