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Fred_77 Posts: 6
Hi all,
someone could help me about  NAT rules on a device with 2 wan connections?
This is my scenario:
Multiple VLans handled by a switch 10GBe L3
One Vlan between ATP and switch.
Static Routes defined on ATP to route the traffic from/to VLans behind switch.
Wan 1 and Wan2 are trunked in failover mode (Spillover with Wan1 Active and Wan2 Passive).
2 identical NAT rules (one for Wan1 and one for Wan2) with same port fwd and destination.
My issue is that when Wan1 Nat rule is invoked everything is OK; but NOT the Wan2 rule.
ATP log says "Access Forward" in both cases.
I thought about outbound routing: " i'm calling a device via wan2 but it answer via wan1". 
I tried a policy roule, but  haven't been able to create the correct one. 

Any idea?

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solution

  • Fred_77
    Fred_77 Posts: 6
    Accepted Answer
    Hi, thanks for your reply.
    I got the solution: really i don't know why but a policy route where all the outgoing traffic must be routed out via trunk instead of "Auto" was needed.
    It didn't care about the trunk configuration rule.
    Anyway now both nat rules are working.


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  • Zyxel_Can
    Zyxel_Can Posts: 249  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @Fred_77,

    Can you provide me your startup-config.conf file by private message?
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