UTM license is inactivated after firmware update from 4.62 to 5.00

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I am using 2 USG FLEX 500 with device HA Pro. I updated firmware from 4.62 to 5.00. Then UTM license became to be inactivated. After changed over once, UTM license became activate.
I checked myZyxel.com, and I saw device HA pro unpaired.

Is device HA pro unpaired automatically after firmware update ?

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  • soul
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    Did you upgrade one flex500 or upgrade all of them?
  • SandB
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    Thank you for reply.

    I upgraded two flex500 with using device HA pro. I saw firmware applied for passive device first, change over, and for the other one.

  • Zyxel_Can
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    Hi @SandB,

    Device HA Pro will not unpair after upgrading firmware.

    First it upgrades the passive device’s firmware ,then the active device.

    Can you share some information with us;

    1- Can you provide me the serial numbers of two USG FLEX 500 by private message?

    2- Does your HA Pro setup work now?
  • CHS
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    Which Serial number is entered in your Device-HA setting?
    The Serial number should be the device which activated licenses.

    You can make sure HA active role is the licensed device first, and enter command to force passive device sync with active device again. (enter on "active role" device)
    Router# debug device-ha2 passive sync now

    This command can force passive device to sync license status from active device.

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