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hi - have a nwa 1121-ni.  Want to use it as a WAP on an existing network connecting directly to my main router then set up a guest account on the 1120 as my router does not have that option.
Run into several problems where I need advice.
Firstly cannot access the web configurator via a direct cable link to a laptop.   Laptop has same subnet (192.168.1..... dynamic not a static address) and wifi off but when I put into browser it cannot locate Also cannot ping the address.  however when I connect to t Zyxel via WiFi and put in the same address I get access to the configurator - any ideas ??
Secondly tried to set up following the manual - problem is my screens are not the same as the ones in the 1121-NI manual downloaded from Zyxel site,   For example on mine under security I have no options to hide or make the SSID visible no prevent inter device contact (no tick boxes appear as in the manual) This makes it difficult to set up a guest option.
Thirdly I set up 2 SSID's under MBSSID mode - all looked ok on dashboard but neither appeared as available WiFi options - only the original Zyxel wifi option was present .
As you will see I am an amateur so any help would be most welcome

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    Hi @al66


    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    From your description, the IP conflicts with other device is the most seen cases or the traffic is configured as not allowed to pass in your network policy.

    For the SSID visible or hidden, it is configured at the SSID Edit page.



    If you checked the option, then the SSID will be hidden and only users add SSID profile manually on device can be connected. Please also check if your third question is caused by hidden SSID or not.

    Thank you.